"I'm sick of being told I need fixing. And I'd bet you are too.

"I'll never tell you that you are wrong or broken. You are absolutely fine. You are alive. You have love in your heart and hope in your soul. You may have things in your life that you want to change but you - in yourself and in your core being - are perfect and whole.

"When you stand in this place - a place of completeness - you can move the world."
Linda Reid is trained in multiple modalities, including Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Kinesiology, Access Consciousness, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Results Coaching.

Linda has been self employed for most of her working life and is also an experienced business coach.

Linda has successfully worked with clients from London to New York, with most of her work in the New Zealand and Australia areas.

Linda's goal is not to create dependent clients, but to help people create a life they love with freedom, happiness and confidence.