When the physical/mental/emotional bodies are out of balance either with themselves or with the Universe, then dis-ease occurs.

This may show up as:
Physical illness/disease
Sleep problems
Energy based healing helps you to restore your connection with the universal source of all healing - and to restore the balance between your bodies and with the universe.

The goal is to establish a healthy flow of energy within your bodies and with the world around you.

With Flow comes Balance
With Balance comes Flow
Since this energy healing modality is based in the energetic field that surrounds your body, there is no need for physical contact between the healer and the client.

The process is incredibly calming - all you do is relax with your eyes closed as the healer plays with the energy surrounding and flowing around and through you.

The most amazing aspect is that it can be just as effective even if your healer is on the other side of the world!

You may feel nothing. You may fall asleep. Or you may feel the energy running through your body. You may feel/see/hear/smell and even taste things in unexpected ways.

You may feel better right away.

You may not feel better until some days away. And you may need three or more sessions before anything happens.

If you are lucky you will get the healing you expect.

If you are very lucky you will get exactly what the Universe has chosen for you. Something you never expected and didn't know you needed.
It has many names - Living your bliss, Living in Flow, Living the Good Life...

But at its essence is the idea that you can wonderful things when your life is flowing.

Remember a time - even if was only an hour or two, when everything seemed to be going your way? When traffic seemed to get out of your way, the lights turned green for you, car parks opened up.

Maybe your clients all said yes, or the numbers suddenly made sense...

Maybe the construction you were building suddenly seemed to go together just right...

This is THE FLOW - when everything is in balance. You suddenly understand things that previously confused you.

The universe is delivering and you are happy to receive.

This state of being can be your life.